Ronda Reinke is passionate about creating spaces that speak to who you are, as well as reflect your style, your life, your personality, while placing you in harmony with the natural laws of the Universe. A creative soul, she holds a Masters degree in Art from the University of Iowa and a BA in Interior Design. She enjoys and excels at designing beautifully enhanced living environments that are supportive to a healthy body, mind and spirit, as well as to a healthy planet. As a talented painter and sculptor, she also designs and creates unique paintings and objets d’arts.

Always interested in the architecture and the structuring of spaces, Ronda has designed, decorated and balanced numerous homes and businesses including both new construction and remodeling projects during the last 35 plus years. Ronda has an intuitive sense of what is needed sometimes even before the client does and then is able to sketch an image to present her idea concept, which visually clarifies the direction of the project. See Interior Design.

Ronda earned an Advanced Graduate Diploma from the American Feng Shui Institute (Los Angeles, CA) in 1998, and then continued her studies in China with Master Larry Sang, one of the top 5 Feng Shui experts in the world. Here she mastered the most effective and time-honored Classical Feng Shui techniques, which, along with her many years of field experience, enable her to achieve powerful results for her clients. Understanding all aspects of beauty, comfort, functionality and color placement in respect to Design and Feng Shui, makes her work invaluable. See Feug Shui videos below.

Feng Shui and Energy Balancing go hand in hand to foster positive change, thus revitalizing the environment and you.
Ronda's Energetic Space Clearings effectively shifts stuck negative patterns in the energetic environment from previous occupants and events. Most recently incorporating Quantum Health programs into her practice has increased the healing potential exponentially. Read Tisha’s testimonial.

Ronda Reinke is available internationally for consulting, commissions, lecturing, and presentations. I invite you to experience Ronda’s work.