During a Feng Shui Consultation, Ronda meets with clients to discuss the challenges and problems that brought them to her. At this time she also collects and gathers information, not only based on their needs but the characteristics of the space, analyzing the structure from a blue print and site visit.

After interpreting the information a report is written explaining how subtle energies are affecting occupants in particular parts of the structure. Using ancient formulas and techniques she is able to determine the appropriate remedy needed in different parts of the property in relation to any given time. An energetic blue print is also prepared which helps to define where appropriate remedies are to be positioned thus making adjustments easy to understand and implement.

An Energetic Space Clearing is offered to help remove any lingering residual energy left from previous occupants or events. Because of Ronda’s intense research, training and intuitive sense, similar to that of Sages thousands of years ago, she is able to address and obtain effective results for all types of situations and clients.