Latest studies show that in our food, water, air and physical environments we are exposed to over 18,000 toxins a day. Many are experiencing serious health issues unparallel to that our ancestors due to these modern day stressors.

• chemicals
• bacteria and parasites
• fungi and fungal
• pain
• psychological conditions
• nutritional deficiencies
• genetically altered foods
• microwave radiation from   cell phones

• allergens
• viruses
• heavy metals
• emotional issues
• dehydration
• lack of exercise
• lack of sleep
• overworking and financial problems
• irradiation of foods
• electromagnetic frequencies, EMF's

• relationship problems of any kind

The National Institute of Health says 80% of all medical conditions are caused by stress. Get rid of the stress and you cure yourself.” (NTCB) To combat these in some cases life-threatening stressors natural alternative therapies are incorporated into this practice to help you create a truly Happy Healthy Home.

SCIO/EPFX Quantum Biofeedback
Energizing the natural life force…

Quantum Biofeedback is applied through the use of a device called the EPFX (Electro physiology Feedback Xrroid); an incredibly accurate system based on the science of Quantum Physics. It is an emerging technology that reads the body at biological speeds (the speed of a computer) providing results within minutes as opposed to days and weeks.

What is Quantum Biofeedback?
Quantum Biofeedback is a technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using signals from their own body.

How does Quantum Biofeedback work?
The easiest way to really understand what Quantum Biofeedback can do is to think in terms of stresses or stressors – all those things we’re born with or happen to us that get into the body from the environment that may cause disease.

Quantum Biofeedback is totally non-invasive and may be done in person or remotely. The EPFX requires only five comfortable straps that wrap around your wrist, ankles and forehead. A quick three-minute test is performed energetically and the results are fed into the computer software. This provides the Practitioner with information about the state of the energy and stress(es) most prevalent in the body at that time.

After gathering test results, the data offers an understanding of your potential needs. It can reveal the specific stressors which could be the underlying issues surrounding your body’s ability to heal. It is then, that Quantum Biofeedback can be applied in order to help you correct and reduce the stressors energetically.

Why choose Quantum Biofeedback?

With the ability to provide virtually instant information through a comfortable and relaxing non-invasive, non-drug process, biofeedback professionals are able to address their clients stress in a sophisticated and finely tuned way.
Quantum Biofeedback promises to play a significant role in the future of increasing health through relaxation for stress and pain management.
What does Quantum Biofeedback feel like?
Most individuals feel nothing at all, while others can experience a state of deep relaxation and a general sense of well-being or some even feel energized immediately following a session.

Who could benefit from the EPFX and Quantum Biofeedback?
Anybody and everybody from infant to senior, and including animals! As a Certified Biofeedback Technician, Ronda also supports clients in harmonizing their living and workspace as well as their land.

Quantum Biofeedback’s communication with the client is independent of, and not reliant on language, verbal, visual, or conscious thought processes.

What are the possible (health) benefits for Quantum Biofeedback?
Biofeedback has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress and hypertension that may be related to illness, injury or emotional trauma.
Quantum Biofeedback can result in an overall improved sense of well-being, greater mental clarity, pain reduction, and improved physical performance. By simply reducing stress it teaches the body how to relax and re-educate tense muscles, lower blood pressure, manage pain, reduce clinical anxiety or depression. By influencing and modifying future behavior it helps the client unconsciously self-regulate bodily function thus having a preventative value.


Common side effects that may be experienced during or after a Quantum Biofeedback session include:

Reduction of  

• stress and pain
• heart rate and heart rate variability
• spasms, palsy and tics
• dizziness or vertigo

• hypertension and blood pressure
• reaction times
• bowel irritability and abdominal pain

• pathological symptoms such as fibromyalgia, migraine, hypertension, fibromyalgia, or chronic pain


• blood circulation in legs and feet
• short and long term memory skills
• physical strength and/or mobility
• effectiveness creating peak    performance

• ability to focus, pay attention, concentrate    physical and/or mental dexterity
• oxygenation of body cells
• feeling of well-being, happiness, joy,   courage, and peacefulness


The QuantumPulse Machine is based on proven technologies and theories developed by scientists. We believe the QuantumPulse promotes and supports general well-being by giving the body space to allow healing to take place. Reportedly it has been successfully used both in person and remotely.

For more information about the QuantumPulse: Click Here

“The Quantum Pulse has been a miracle for me; I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

I was in a bad auto accident in 2005. I had some issues that the Quantum Pulse helped me out quite radically. The car accident gave me multiple scull fractures, a broken clavicle and several other things. One issue I had was I could only lift up my left arm part of the way and it really hurt a lot when I did that. After a solid month of using the Quantum Pulse in August of 2007, I noticed one evening that I was doing something and I said “wait a minute I can lift my left arm all the way up”. That was one of the first miracles I experienced.“
Bill Bernard
Monterey, CA

For ten years a naturopathic doctor from Carmel, CA had tried everything to overcome her advancing disabilities. "I kept researching alternative treatments, especially in my profession,” she admitted.

This former Big Sur Marathon runner spent three consecutive years confined to a wheelchair. After a dozen sessions with the Quantum Pulse, she could stand up and walk again, unassisted; after 24 treatments she started running again!

“When you have your health….you don’t need wealth! I am still walking and having my third summer with strong legs in over a decade! Never take anything for granted. OH the places you will go when you rise out of a wheelchair! Life is a MIRACLE! Enjoy the mobility! Quantum Pulse gave me my Life back!"
Dr. K Soul
Carmel, CA

Quantum Touch
Rev. Ronda Reinke discovered she had a natural gift as an intuitive healer in the 1990’s. At that time she began to understand and develop the ability to clear stuck energies, using this gift to clear the energy-body of people, animals, structures and the land. Shifting stuck energy patterns by using focused communication with Source through the multi-dimensional chakra system, Ronda helps to bring life back into harmony. Healing energies then replace old confines allowing growth to occur. Once shifted, loving new energies fill the void, allowing service to Spirits higher pathway.

Ronda is a graduate and teacher of “Healing the Whole Person”, a Berkley Psychic Institute-based program. The modality of this two-year guided meditation curriculum is rooted in “knowing thyself by searching and clearing collective consciousness patterns”. It also teaches methods to enliven one’s own intuitive senses, so that, with permission, one can shift others reality to a higher perspective.

“Thank you for being a good instrument for my BioGenesis. I really felt that that session caused a major shift for me; yet, I don't feel that you did it, but that the Higher Source did, which means that you allowed Him to use you to help me. Thank you. This is the way we all need to serve and help each other. May God be with you always, Ronda. Again, thank you.”
Sharda Geer
Long Island, NY

Disclaimer: The EPFX Device is for biofeedback, and is designed for stress and pain management (Quantum Biofeedback) methods only. The EPFX does not diagnose. Only a licensed physician can diagnose a patient. Please consult your family medical doctor for the diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition or disease before undertaking any health program.

It is up to the client to change their lifestyle in order to bring balance to their health. These alternative therapies by themselves cannot “treat or cure” any physical or mental medical conditions, diseases or disorders. We believe that once the body realizes how to reduce stress it opens the healing pathway to increase its own vibrational frequency so healing may occur.