A perfect time to use Feng Shui is when you are looking to purchase or construct a new. A savvy choice in the beginning can save you thousands of dollars and prevent future headaches. Choose a structure with supportive energy that will benefit you for years to come.

Feng Shui assists in selling your property quickly. Benefiting realtor, homeowner, seller and buyer it helps keep everything running smoothly. Analysis also makes great house warming gifts.

Why check out Feng Shui before purchasing?
• Buildings go into annual and twenty-year locks were the good energy for people’s health and relationships or prosperity is locked out. It’s good to be made aware of the applicable Feng Shui remedy that will unlock your greatest potential or decide to forgo a particular purchase.

• Of the four basic types of structures its best if one is chosen that is both good for people and good for money.

• Feng Shui helps you choose a building with the best energy at the front door for you. Also be able to position yourself so that you can access your most supportive energy directions when at your desk and sleeping in bed. .

“There is nothing like the classical Feng Shui and having someone come in doing a really great reading, letting you know what you need. You put all of those elements into play and magic happens.”
Becky Kennedy, Kennedy Properties, Pacific Grove, CA