What clients have said!
”As a builder-developer of large custom homes in Monterey County, I wanted to have a quality job in order to showcase our work to our clients. We had a choice of many design consultants.

And, since my wife is very ill, I needed a “hands on” effort from my consultant. Ronda came to the rescue and has been a vital force in the transformation of a former model home into a thing of beauty.

She has worked very closely with us and the subcontractors in a harmonious and creative way. Her advice and judgment has been sound and practical, a beautiful to see. She has a unique talent to fight for good design and at the same time, be willing to adjust to the strong desires of the client.

In one particular room we wanted to make a strong statement. We challenged Ronda and gave her permission to be totally free tobe creative. The rewards of that have been just spectacular for us and we are enormously pleased.

I have found her to have another great quality: she follows up on details. There have been only minor glitches in the job because she stays on top of the work of her clients.

I have found Ronda to be personal yet professional in every way. I would welcome any inquiry on her work or our experience with us. We would use her again and recommend her to anyone in need of truly professional advice. She gets the very highest marks!”

“We fell in love with everything together.”

Michael Fletcher
Developer for the Las Palmas Ranch
Salinas, CA


“Ronda has come in and basically switched everything in both
companies from bad to good, from not flowing energy to what a wonderful place for us to work at.

It actually helps with most people getting along with each other, with negative energy in the office that is attached to computers and much electrical equipment, and also many of our clients who don’t prefer to pay on time. When we bring Ronda in she balances the energy, makes things a lot easier and a lot more positive in the environment.

We do a lot of real estate investments also. So if Ronda sits down and balances, does everything that she normally does for Feng Shui, and it’s a good business investment we consider it very highly. If Ronda finds something or it just isn’t balanced energy wise we have now basically made the decision it is something we simply pass over.

We would highly recommend for anyone involved in business in Ronda, or for their personal life.”

Mary Vanderwall
Hollister, CA


“Whether you believe in Feng Shui of not – it works!

After our first consultation with Ronda and completing the suggested remedies, our income dramatically increased!

Ronda’s teaching and innate abilities have improved the quality of our lives greatly, both at home and at the office.

Ronda continually strives to increase her knowledge base regarding the ancient art of Classical Feng Shui, Geopathic & EMF adjustments and she delivers.

I believe in happiness and prosperity. So does Ronda.”

Becky Kennedy
Kennedy Prosperities
Pacific Grove, CA


“I really am feeling much better since I saw you last Friday. I certainly felt the healing energy this weekend.

I was so relieved; my body was so drained, and then it left. I have more energy each day, it's great.

Your spiritual insight and work is great and I hope that you can share it with many more people. This healing energy is a gift.

I just wanted to Thank-You for the blessings and spiritual gifts that you have bestowed on me.”

Tisha Scurich
Corralitos, CA


“Since experiencing the Art of Feng Shui in my life and business, I ask myself, how did I ever survive without it?

Since Ronda Reinke Feng Shui’d my residence and office, I have found life to be much more fulfilling and my business has grown dramatically. I will never forget the very next day I saw an increase of 30% in sales order activity, which never seemed to let up. In three years, my business has grown 90%. Needless to say, my health has improved, and my energy has doubled.

I have to tell you, what convinced me to try Feng Shui is when I heard that Fortune 500 Companies were using it. I figured that if it worked for them, I had nothing to lose. I am a now a true believer because of the continuous results.”

Mr. Cory Sligar
President & CEO
Monterey Carmel Computer Internet Services